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 Celebrity Advisors
Rick Frishman Publisher at Morgan James Publishing
Rick Frishman
Dan Poynter Self-Publishing Specialist
Dan Poynter
Jordan McAuley How To Make Your Book Famous
Jordan McAuley
Warren Whitlock Book Marketing Specialist
Warren Whitlock
Jeff Herring Article Writing Specialist
Jeff Herring
Tom Justin How to Handle Rejections
Tom Justin
Ron Louis Best-Selling Author
Ron Louis
Ellen Reid Book Shepherd
Ellen Reid
Tracy Repchuk Internet Marketing Specialist
Tracy Repchuk
Kevin Decker Inside Success Radio Host
Kevin Decker
Christina Rowe Best-Selling Author
Christina Rowe
Chris Soth Screen Writing Specialist
Chris Soth
Pete Winiarski
Interview Specialist
Pete Winiarski
Mary Jo Zazuetta Book Shepherd
Mary Jo Zazuetta
Jess Kennedy Williams Founder of International Association of Aspiring Authors
Jess Kennedy Williams
Testimonials ...
"Jess, your enthusiasm for writing and helping others is inspiring!"

Mary Jo Zazuetta
Book Shepherd
To The Point

"Jess, you are my mentor, motivator and encourager. Thank you!"

Pst. Matthew Oyeneye

"Thanks a lot for your help, and those tips. I used to write a lot of stories when i was little... you gave me the courage to start writing again."


"I was so inspired by the Authors Tip of the Week, and the compassion, personal service, and professionalism of Jess Kennedy Williams, that I had to become a member.!"

Shirl Sigee

"We needed an author interested in authors-to-be. You are a gift!"

Comment from Aspiring Author Survey

"Thank you so very much for your honesty and very appreciated help! You are amazing, giving and inspirational. I hope to meet you some day, so I can give you a big hug, and thank you in person."

Valkyrie Ferguson

"Jess is right there with good answers, good energy and good stories!
She's refreshing! And fun! Our listeners loved her!"

Judith Sherven