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Glimpses Anthology
Palace Publishing Company ~ Publisher

This is Your Chance to Become a Published Author

Dear Members,

Palace Publishing Company is proud to
announce the publication five new compilations of members' works. There will be one anthology each for fiction, non-fiction, in memoriam, children's stories, and Gambaru...stories of inspiration and never giving up.
We are very excited about these projects and are certain you will be too.

Palace Publishing's mission is to provide you, the aspiring author, with the tips,
tools, and resources you will need to turn your ideas and dreams into
published works.

It is because of our belief in you that we have decided to publish five more anthologies
of your works. We believe it is important that you fulfill your dream of
becoming a published author.

Best-Seller Campaign Included

Once published, Palace Publishing will do a best-seller campaign so that the
participating members cannot only claim they are a published author,
but a best-selling author as well.

We also intend to get this book into as many editors and publishers' hands
as possible. With Jess' connections in the industry, this will give you an
advantage over sending a manuscript to an editor or publisher in hopes
you will be one of the lucky few chosen out of the massive pile of submissions.

Your participation in this project could be the one stepping-stone that
gets you noticed, and perhaps obtain that elusive publishing deal every
author dreams of.  There are no guarantees.

The reason we are doing this is because we really do care about you getting published. And, I know for some of you, that would be an impossible dream unless you secured a publisher. The publishing world has been turned upside down lately, and for the majority, that is just not going to be an option...but you know me, I am going to tell you to keep trying...Gambaru!

To self-publish costs money. Depending upon which route you go, it could cost a lot of money.

When I self-published my book, using a book shepherd and a traditional printer, it cost me well over $10,000, and that was at the lower end of the spectrum. That is not a misprint. It costs money to self-publish. Even if you use a print on demand company, you have to dig deep.

So, we came up with an affordable solution for you. We are going to publish five more compilation books of members' works. Depending upon which level you sign up for, you will have between 1500 and 2500 words to tell your story. I understand that this is not the same as publishing your whole book, but it is a really good start.

I know what you are thinking...
"How much is this going to cost me?"

We are very proud to say that we have kept the minimum investment down to only $147.

And, six very special members will get their names on the cover of the book and premiere positioning inside the book for only $597. I don't know about you, but I think that is very exciting!

We will be doing a best-seller campaign after the book is published, and it is possible for you to not only become a published author, but a best-selling author as well.

A best-seller campaign alone can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $25,000. And, even at the $2,500 level, you have to do the work yourself.

We will be doing all the work for you. Just decide which level is right for you, and submit your work by following the guidelines. That is all the work you have to do. We will take it from there.

You might wonder how we can offer this opportunity for such a low price. We have purposely charged the very minimum amount possible to make this book a reality. Truth is, I wish I could do this for free, but that is just impossible. The submission fees will help cover production, editing, cover design, interior design, ISBN number, copyright, printing and more. It cost money to publish a book, and we are charging the absolute minimum so that everyone can participate.

We will take care of all of the details, you just work on getting your story down to the maximum word count, and send it to us. We will take care of the rest.

Hurry...Space is Limited!

Publication is open to the first 100 applicants for Published Author in each book, and 6 applicants for VIP Author with your name on the cover, for each book. There will be one anthology for fiction, non-fiction, in memoriam, children's stories, and Gambaru...stories of inspiration and never giving up. To get started, please scroll down and click the "add to cart" button next to the anthology you would like to be included in.

The sooner you sign up, the closer to the front of the book you will be. Don't Delay. Sign Up Today!

Applications are being accepted in the following categories:

VIP Upgrade Will Get Your Name on the Front Cover!

Published Author: 

This category is open to the first 100 submissions.

Once we reach 100 participants, the participation process will close and
you will miss your opportunity for publication.

Maximum word count for submission: 1500.

Published Author - Only $147.

VIP Author: 

***Your Name on the Front Cover of the Book.***

We are offering only 6 VIP Author spots for each book, at the incredibly low investment of
$597(participation fee due at time of registration).

Maximum word count for submission: 2500. 

Can you imagine the excitement of seeing your name on the front cover of a best-selling book? And it doesn't have to end here. All you need to do is seize the opportunity.

These positions will sell out, so please don't delay. The longer you wait,
the greater the possibility you will miss out on this fabulous opportunity.

VIP Author ~ only $597.

I am very pleased to announce the addition of Carol Hasbrouck as our National Sales and Marketing Director. Carol will be your go-to person for this project. Please send all questions and correspondence to

Please keep in mind that Palace Publishing reserves the right to refuse any work, and the Editor-in-Chief will have the final say. If your work is refused for any reason, your participation fee will be promptly refunded.

Please see Submission Guidelines and Rules below for additional information.

Submission Guidelines:

Fiction - Short Stories Only
Submissions must not exceed 1500 words (except as otherwise indicated). Submissions must not be less than a 12 pt. nor larger than a 14 pt. of a typically used font and must be double-spaced.

Submissions must not exceed 1500 words (except as otherwise indicated). Submissions must not be less than 12 pt. nor larger than a 14 pt. of a typically used font and must be double-spaced. May be a self-contained portion of a larger book, but must be a complete work in and of itself.

General Rules of Entry:

1. All work must be original, and by submitting the pieces, author gives rights to Palace Publishing to print the piece and to use it on the web or other media. Upon acceptance of your work, we reserve first-publication rights (except for non-fiction). After publication, all rights revert back to the author. We want authors to become well known, and have no desire to encumber work. We do however, reserve the right to use it.
2. One entry per person.
3. Previously published authors are accepted.
4. Two Cover Sheets must be included: One with author's contact information, including name, address, telephone number, email, entry title and type of work, whether fiction, non-fiction or poetry. The second must contain the working TITLE of the piece ONLY. Absolutely no author name may be included on the work itself or it will be disqualified.
5. Electronic entries are accepted and encouraged, as long as all guidelines are observed.

Send electronic entries in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx file extension) through the email address: 6. All submission fees are non-refundable. All work is non-returnable. Please see to it that you are NOT sending us your only copy.
7. All participation fees can be paid online OR by money order payable to:

Palace Publishing
PO Box 8521
Madeira Beach, Florida  33738

8. We are anticipating a lot of work in, and in order to give it the proper attention, appropriate time allowances must be made. THE EARLIER, THE BETTER. If for any reason you feel you may have omitted an important piece of information, or may have inadvertently made an error in putting your package together, feel free to contact Carol at and she will do her best to resolve the issue. International submissions welcome.
9. No pornography or sexually explicit works will be accepted.
10.  Book will be published by Palace Publishing, LLC.
11. If, because of circumstances beyond our control, the book is not published, your money will be promptly refunded. Otherwise, no refunds.


By paying the submission fee to be included in the book, you agree to the submission guidelines and terms, as stated above.

Once your payment is received, you will be emailed instructions on how to proceed.

We here at Palace Publishing are very excited to offer you this
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a published author!
Sign up today!

I look forward to working on this project with you. You know I love success stories, and seeing your name with published author next to it would make me very happy. I have a strong feeling it would make you happy too!

I am proud of you for taking this step toward becoming a published author.

Gambaru! Never, ever give up!

Jess Kennedy Williams

Don't forget...this is a limited opportunity.
Once the quotas listed are filled, this opportunity will be gone forever.

Sign up now to avoid disappointment!

Published Author: 

Fiction Published Author - Only $147.

Non-Fiction Published Author - Only $147.

Childrens Book Published Author - Only $147.

In Memoriam Published Author - Only $147.

Gambaru Published Author - Only $147.

VIP Author: 

***Your Name on the Front Cover of the Book.***

Fiction VIP Author $597.

Non-Fiction VIP Author $597.

Childrens Book VIP Author $597.

In Memoriam VIP Author $597.

Gambaru VIP Author $597.

If you have any questions, please contact Carol Hasbrouck at